Virtual Assistant

Focusing On Only Business: When you hire a Virtual Assistant from us you will be able to "work on your business instead of in it". You will have more time to focus on marketing for new customers, delivering more "WOW" to your current customers and growing your company.

Cost Cutting : When you hire a Virtual Assistant from us, you will get to avoid the additional expenses that comes with hiring employees and lower your labor costs. This means you get to save more money!

Design Your Ideal Life : The Virtual Assistant that we will assign to you will make it possible for you to design your business to suit your ideal lifestyle and live the life that you desire. You will have more free time to go on as many vacations as you want!

Save Time & Increase Productivity.: Instead of being tied down by too much work, you will save time by delegating all your time consuming administrative tasks to our Virtual Assistant, which in turn will increase your productivity. You will be able to reduce your daily workload by at least 50%.

Our Virtual Assistant available at:

Hourly Full Time Part Time
Plans 6US $ per hour 800US $ per month 449US $ per month
Guaranteed hours As per requirement 160 80
USA working hours*
Billing Weekly Monthly Monthly
No set up fees
Hire Hire Hire