Our Products

1) Institute Management System

A complete web based solution which enables you to maintain all sort of information related to your institute and franchises. Institute management system will be hosted on your website to maintain complete privacy and data security. Institute management system encompasses features starting from inquiry to exam and online certificate verification. We do avail customized solution based on requirement.

2) Hotel Menu

Hotel Menu is web based solution for restaurants looking for raising their restaurants level. Hotel menu enables your customer to order from their smart phone itself. Reducing wait time and adding comfort of ordering food after taking look at its picture, details on taste etc. Hotel menu will enable your customer to order for home delivery OR takeaway too. And many more features.....

3) Collection System

Collection system enables you to maintain complete track of money received. Useful for LIC agents, Post office agent, Daily recurring agent and others.

4) Favorite Icon Service

Favorite Icon System will enable you to have favorite icon of specified website in size of your choice. Favorite Icon is free service, you may obtain it by simply entering URL.

Background image:
Output :   Size:Between 16 to 99.

5) Wordpress Migrator

Wordpress migrator is free service to apply necessary changes to your mysql statements so that you can easily migrate your wordpress site.
Have big file? Kindly mail us.

6) Contact Management System

Too many contact?
We have solution to maintain them. Our contact management system enables you to maintain all your contacts by properly grouping them.
You can have list of upcoming events related to your contacts. You can send SMS too.